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Below is an archive of posts I've written based on helpful things I've read and learned from others on my journey of faith. I am not a Theologian, Pastor, or Scholar and so my goal isn't to teach but rather share in hopes that what I share can be helpful to you on your own journey.


Is The Kingdom Of Heaven A Place?

When Jesus arrives on the scene, He says that the Kingdom Of Heaven is here. What did He mean by this though?...Read More

An Exclusive Interview - Matthew, A Catholic Life

Whether your own knowledge on what fasting is and why we should do it is sparse or robust, I guarantee you that you'll not only learn something in this interview, but that you'll be glad you read it....Read More

An Exclusive Interview - John Benko, The 4 Persons

It's not every day that you meet someone who goes above and beyond what we might think being "doers of the word" entails......Read More

What Does It Mean In Genesis That God "Saw" That Something Was Good? 👀

Hint: it has nothing to do with God seeing with His eyes (if he even has any 😅)....Read More

Sarai Giving Abram Her Maidservant Hagar = Eve Giving Adam The Fruit

They say history doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes. Was this the case with Adam & Eve and Abram & Sarai?...Read More

Did You Know The Garden Of Eden Was A "Type" Of Temple?

I guarantee you that no matter how close you've read the Bible, there's something in this article you didn't already know....Read More