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Below is an archive of posts I've written based on helpful things I've read and learned from others on my journey of faith. I am not a Theologian, Pastor, or Scholar and so my goal isn't to teach but rather share in hopes that what I share can be helpful to you on your own journey.


You Know That Sin Begets Sin, But Do You Know Why?

The reasoning behind how and why sin begets sin isn't just spiritual or metaphysical. It's neuropsychological as well....Read More

Are Ashes A Symbol Of Purity Or Impurity?

Before you say impurity, here are quite a few interesting things you probably weren't aware of and might want to consider....Read More

Did Jacob Wrestle With An Angel, A Demon, Or God Himself?

We all know the story of Jacob wrestling with God. But depending on how close you read the story, it's a bit more ambiguous than we think....Read More

Did You Know God Threatened To Drop Mt. Sinai On The Jewish People?

According to some Jewish interpretations, God lifted up and suspended Mt. Sinai over the Jewish people and warned them that if they did not accept the Torah, He would drop the mountain on them....Read More

Why Did God Let Moses Judge The Israelites Before He Gave Them The Ten Commandments?

It must have been pretty challenging for Moses to act as judge from morning until night for the Israelites in the desert, especially considering God hadn't yet given them the Decalogue. What gives?...Read More

Why Doesn't God Just Destroy The Wicked Now?

The pseudepigraphical text called The Testament of Abraham provides us with a unique version of an answer to this question....Read More