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Why Doesn't God Just Destroy The Wicked Now?

There’s a pseudepigraphical Old Testament text called The Testament of Abraham.

The backdrop is that God has decided that it's time for Abraham to join Him in Heaven, so he tells Michael the archangel to tell Abraham to get his affairs in order because it's his time to go.

(It's a really interesting and humorous text, worth the read IMO).

Anyway, Abraham requests that he be shown the entire world before he dies, so Michael relays that request to God, and God accepts it.

So, Michael takes Abraham on the "Chariot of the Cherubim". Abraham sees the entire world, including several sinners (murderers, people committing adultery, and thieves).  

Each time he sees the sinners, he requests that they be killed in various ways, and the requests are granted—until God finally decides this has to stop. God says:

"O chief-captain Michael, command the chariot to stop, and turn Abraham away that he may not see all the earth, for if he beholds all that live in wickedness, he will destroy all creation. For behold, Abraham has not sinned and has no pity on sinners, but I have made the world, and do not desire to destroy any one of them, but wait for the death of the sinner, until he [may] be converted and live."

God desires that ALL may be converted and live, and every second we have here on earth is a mercy because it’s yet another chance we have to do so.

He does not desire our destruction but our salvation.

There is no mercy like God’s mercy!

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