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Below is an archive of posts I've written based on helpful things I've read and learned from others on my journey of faith. I am not a Theologian, Pastor, or Scholar and so my goal isn't to teach but rather share in hopes that what I share can be helpful to you on your own journey.


Did You Know St. Michael Burned A Hole In A Stubborn Bishop's Head?

This unhinged story is actually the legend behind the creation of the building you've no doubt seen before in this picture—the famous Mont Saint Michel....Read More

The Legend Behind The St. Michael Prayer

Legend shrouds the origin of this prayer, and it's whispered among the clergy that Pope Leo himself was visited by a vision so sinister, it would forever alter the course of history....Read More

The Hidden Connection Between The ICXC Cross & The Christ Pantocrator

You've no doubt seen this cross and this Christ depiction before, but do you know what they have in common?...Read More

Why Doesn't God Light Up The Sky With A Sign That Says "Jesus Saves"?

If God exists, why doesn't He just slap a big label on every atom saying "Made by God" or light up the sky with a neon sign saying "Jesus saves"?...Read More

What Does It Mean To Say The Conscience Is The Aboriginal Vicar Of The Soul?

St. John Henry Newman described the conscience as the "aboriginal vicar of Christ in the soul". But what does this mean?...Read More

Christianity's Misbegotten Stepcousin

Have you ever heard of moralistic therapeutic deism? If not, read this article to find out what it is....Read More