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Health and Relationships

Praise Him for the help and direction He has given me towards my health and relationships with my daughters. Debby's heart surgery and my fatal anemia has direction now after... Read More
0 04/07/24

thanks offering

I will like to thank GOD with what ever the lord ask of me as far he bless me with the fruit of the womb and the court case and... Read More
0 02/02/24

I Love The Lord

Lord, You are good and Your love endures forever! God hears us when we pray! A couple of weeks ago I posted a prayer for a job interview for a... Read More
2 11/02/23

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Thanks everyone

Thank you for praying for us when the storm and hit when there could’ve been a tornado here in Michigan. I was super anxious last night but praise God he... Read More
0 11/02/23

Praise And Thanks

Thank You Lord for the grace granted for my sister in law. After how bad all looked we are immensely grateful that all was negative. We know you are a... Read More
1 11/02/23

Thank you!

✨ Thank you very much for praying for me this past week! I really needed it. Something in the spirit definitely brought me peace. ✝
0 11/02/23

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God always hears

I know prayers work. Miracles do get answered .Want to thank God for the unexpected money I recieved.
0 11/02/23

Praise be to You!

Praise God my husband and I are retired and God is taking care of us.
0 11/02/23

Thank You Lord

A year and a half ago, I wanted to divorce my wife. My children lived with their aunt because of poor life decisions she and I had made. Through tremendous... Read More
0 11/02/23

Thanks for your prayers

My dad was involved in an accident one week ago. He was changing a tire on his semi and the semi fell on him. Our family is praising God that... Read More
0 11/02/23

"Just as a father who would not yield to the request of a son is moved by the united requests of all his children, so Our Heavenly Father cannot resist the sweet violence of the united prayers of a great number of His children." — Reverend Tanquerey