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Why Doesn't God Light Up The Sky With A Sign That Says "Jesus Saves"?

If God exists, why doesn't He just slap a big label on every atom saying 'Made by God' or light up the sky with a neon sign saying 'Jesus saves'?

This assumes that God is simply looking for a bunch of believers to fill out his fan club. But He's not.

As the saying goes, even the demons believe.

God is after something deeper—a genuine love connection with each and every one of us.

If God's goal was simply to prove He exists, He could do it with a cosmic fireworks display. But that's not what He's about. He's more interested in winning our hearts than winning an argument.

So instead of celestial billboards (as if that's not already what the stars are anyway), God takes a subtler approach. Throughout history, He's been whispering to us from within, nudging our hearts toward love and redemption.

Sure, there were some big, flashy moments in the past—parting seas, pillar-of-fire kind of stuff—but did they really change people's hearts in the long run?

Lol, hard no. Look at the ancient Israelites—they had front-row seats to some of the wildest divine spectacles, and yet they still managed to apostatize on a regular basis.

To be sure, if God did go all out with the neon signs and atom labels, more people might believe in Him at first, but would it really lead to a deeper, more authentic relationship? Or would it just be another flashy distraction in an already chaotic world?

Mere showmanship will not bring a change of heart, and that's what God wants—our hearts.

As William Lane Craig has said, "In fact, we have no way of knowing that in a world of free creatures in which God’s existence is as obvious as the nose on your face that more people would come to love him and know his salvation than in the actual world. But then the claim that if God existed he would make his existence more evident has little or no warrant, thereby undermining the claim that the absence of such evidence is itself positive evidence that God does not exist."

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