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Thank You Lord

Amelie Kirlin Community 1
A year and a half ago, I wanted to divorce my wife. My children lived with their aunt because of poor life decisions she and I had made. Through tremendous guilt, toxic shame, and self loathing, I continued to seek God. I became involved in a house church in Feb. 2022. Some members have the gift of encouragement and they prayed that my marriage would stay together. In May '22, my wife and I began a process of reconciliation, taking two consecutive courses of Re-Engage. We moved back in together in Nov '22, sleeping in separate rooms. The Lord gave us back 3 of our children in June 2023. We keep praying Malachi 4:6, still believing that he's going to turn our hearts to her and hers to ours. All the Christian schools were filled and we couldn't get the kids into one. The twins are in 6th grade, yet they've already been in 4 elementary schools. But God made a way where there was no way. After their first day yesterday, they came home happy and optimistic! Through it all, I've been trusting Jesus that anxiety, depression, and unforgiveness will be a distant memory and that I will be healed soon. God has been so faithful to my family and I owe him my life.
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