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Below is an archive of posts I've written based on helpful things I've read and learned from others on my journey of faith. I am not a Theologian, Pastor, or Scholar and so my goal isn't to teach but rather share in hopes that what I share can be helpful to you on your own journey.


What's The Deal With The Building Blueprints We Find In The Bible?

If you've ever read Exodus or Kings and don't understand why all those detailed blueprints and building instructions are in there, this is for you....Read More

Do Catholics Really Worship Statues?

Do Catholics violate God's prohibition of idolatry by worshiping statues? We put this bogus claim to rest once and for all....Read More

Apocrypha References in the New Testament

The Old & New Testaments cross-reference each other. But does the New Testament cross-reference the apocrypha?...Read More

Nehemiah's Prayer

This article is for anyone who isn't familiar with Nehemiah's prayer found in Nehemiah 1; there is so much we can learn from it....Read More

The Road To Emmaus

There are a bunch of allusions, cross-references, and parallels in the Road to Emmaus story found in Luke's Gospel. How many of these do you know?...Read More