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Father in Heaven, I lift up T to you, you know the situation, please preveil for her. Surround her with your love comfort peace strength and wisdom, I pray the name of Jesus over T. I quench all ungodly words against her life from anyone in her home. In her home. Lord T is a private person I pray no one try to change what you Lord Jesus has place in T's heart mind spirit and soul let your grace change her, allow holy spirit use T give glory to your holy name ,pour your holy spirit over T. Give her words to speak let it be season with salt. Use what T knows now . Let no one bother her with things she doesn't care to listen too. Or don't know. Place her on a good path bless her in her talents and skills use them for your Glory. LORD hold T up spiritually emotionally financially and physically, protect what she rightly owns, don't allow others try to control her bank account and money she has in her account place a blood line where no one is able to cross Lord Jesus please touch T she needs you open up doors that be only open by your power and strength. In Jesus name amen

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