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For healing and strength

Anonymous Community 3

After losing my Nephew in 2022, My mother has been dealing with liver disease - PBC. They accidently found this condition when she went in for some blood work. The Dr. told her that she must have a guardian angel because usually people do not come in until they are showing symptoms and then it is too late. This was not caused from alcohol but is an autoimmune disease. She has started meds that have helped lower her liver numbers that were very high. When they did the MRI, they noticed a spot on her pancreas but were not overly concerned with it. I do not think it showed up on the Ct scans or the ultrasounds they had done, only the MRI. Mom went in for a check up ultrasound and the spot on her pancreas showed up this time. They are having her schedule an MRI to see if it has grown etc. We lost my 25 yr old nephew 2 years ago to Acute Necrotizing Pancreatitis. His also was an auto immune issue. 

Our Family has been through so much the last couple of years that we could use some prayers for healing and strength to get through this. My mom (72) really needs prayers that the spot is just a cyst and not cancer. The survivability of pancreatic cancer is only 10% at best and I doubt she would be able to do Chemotherapy with her liver disease. Please help pray for her, and God willing, he will have her in his arms and give her more years to live. I pray that this is just a cyst that is non cancerous, and the Dr's can take care of it without it being a death sentence. Thank you all and god bless each of you.

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