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Relationship help

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Dear God -

It’s been over a year and there has been no change. P continues to dig deeper with this other woman. God I miss him, I miss us, his touch his love and more than anything the man he use to be.

Not sure God why you let J in but please let her out. I can see the hurt in his heart and he cannot figure out what to do and how she in playing with his head and his heart. She is playing a victim and he does not know what to do.

Lord I beg you to show him her true colors before it’s to later. Let his heart come back to me and let out our love and friendship dwell in your house once again. Both of them are destroy me and our family.

I love P and he is already forgiven for his sin. Open his eyes and heart to me I’m right here!

Lord please hear and answer my prayer please, please I need this man in my life. I need him back sooner than later please!


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