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A long list of prayers

Anonymous Community 3

Please pray for a chance to reconcile with my ex-girlfriend in a healthy way and for God to change our hearts in many positive ways:

-For God to give me and her peace and joy in my grief and pain. Healing my broken heart.

-For God to heal and remove the invisible wall of the enemies' lies and divisions between us and give us another opportunity to speak again and make amends.

-That she would forgive me for my mistakes communication issues, and taking her for granted towards the end of the relationship.

-For God to show her my growth even though we aren’t in each other’s lives anymore.

-That God would weigh it heavy (on both of our hearts) to make amends as well as the importance of uplifting one another again like we used to do.

-For us to recognize each other’s worth and the importance we both have had in each other’s lives again and the times we have shared together.

-To learn to respect and appreciate one another again like we used to.

-And for God to teach us to love each other and treat others like Christ loves the church.

-That God can heal and soften her heart towards me again / remove all the bitterness, hate, hurt, spite, and anger she has towards me.

-For God to fill both of us with wisdom and truth when speaking to each other and how to go about it.

-That there would be a mutual understanding and both of us would feel heard and understood by each other.

-That we would both be receptive to each other’s apologies

-That through this we would both have a chance to truly apologize to each other and speak maturely.

-That we can truly trust and forgive one another again.

-For God to show her her actions in the relationship and afterward so she would

look inwardly, grow in her maturity again, see her mistakes, and feel remorse and apologize for her mistakes after the relationship ended.

-That God would show me my part in the relationship and my issues so I can learn to overcome them and grow in my maturity and apologize.

-For God to be close to her and give her more spiritual wisdom and show her the truth

-As well as shield her from all the enemies' attacks and lies and influences that he’s trying to fill in her head.

-That she would Never be snatched away from God’s hands by the devil.

-For God to remove the people who are a negative influence on her life and to surround her with people who will build her up in her Christian faith and speak truth into her life continually.

-For God to show her how she has been manipulated by people, and in her new relationship.

-That God can continue to heal her from her trauma and her heart/mind and guide her close to Him again continually. This way her heart can be on fire for Jesus like never before.

-For God to radically transform her heart again and make her more like Christ. For God to use her in her career as well as be a beacon of Christ to her entire family in mighty ways and continue to be someone who radiates Jesus to everyone she encounters.

-That she could be a blessing to her family and Christ would use her to change hearts in her family.

-That she and I and our friend group can reunite again in fellowship and she would come back to our Bible study again.

-That God could graciously grant us another opportunity to have a God-centered healthy relationship and she would consider the possibility of restarting a new relationship with me again hopefully someday.

-For God to help her process her emotions

-So she would feel comfortable with processing her emotions, coming back into fellowship with our friends, and communicating again with me.

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