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Did You Know The Garden Of Eden Was A "Type" Of Temple?

Check all these parallels out:

So in creation, we have the greater light which governs the day and the lesser light which governs the night.

In the temple we find two lights/fires, one which burns outside the tabernacle, governing the day if you will, and then a lamp-stand in the darkness of the building giving light to it, governing the darkness if you will.

We have the waters (the great sea) in Genesis 1, and then we have the giant "cast metal sea" in the temple with the huge reservoir of water you need to perform animal sacrifices.

Who builds the temple? King Solomon. Who works in the temple? Priests.

Well, God also reveals Himself as a king in building the temple of creation, and a priest who bestows blessing on his people and creation.

It gets better:

A real (ancient) garden would have an entrance (like a temple), a spring / fountain / water-source in the middle of it (like a temple), a wall around it to protect it (like a temple), and would be tended by a professional gardener (just like...you guessed it: a temple).

Speaking of entrances, Eden's entrance was guarded by cherubim after Adam and Eve were expelled from it. We also find cherubim on the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies.

The entrance of the garden of Eden faces the rising sun, and it was on a mountain, just like the temple which faced east to the rising sun and was on a mountain.

The garden of Eden is a place of God's presence; indeed He "walks about" the garden. Well, that same verb that's used to describe God walking about the garden--it's the same verb used to describe His actual presence in the tabernacle.

What do we find at the heart of the  garden? The Tree of Life. What do we find inside the holy place but the lamp-stand, which has seven branches, shaped like a tree.

The temple was also decorated with garden motifs, being deliberately conceived of as a new garden of Eden.

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is also at the center of the garden and if you touch it you will die, very similar to the Ark of the Covenant at the center of the temple, and if you touch it you will die.

Rivers flow out of Eden, and we find a river flowing out of the temple in Ezekiel's vision of it, in Revelation, and in the temple from the time of Jesus.

I'm sure there are more things that could be said and more connections that can be made, but this was long enough as it is so I'll end it here for now.

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