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Everyone knows that the more people who pray for something, the more power that prayer has. That’s one of the reasons why we all naturally ask others to pray for (or with) us. As St. Thomas Aquinas tells us, "The prayers of the many cannot go unheeded, when they unite in one." St. Ambrose tells us, "Many who are weak, when united become strong; and it is impossible that the prayers of many should not be heard." St. Alphonsus Ligouri tells us, "God also hears their prayers the more readily; for He has Himself said, that He grants graces more willingly to prayers offered up in common." As famed pastor E.M. Bounds once put it, “Units of prayer combined, like drops of water, make an ocean that defies resistance.” I’m sure you get the point by now, so let me move on to what's on this page.
What you're seeing here is a Community Prayer Registry (CPR): a list of prayers submitted by our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world that anyone can then see and pray for using the registry. What's special about a CPR though?
It allows people to not only easily extend the reach of their prayer requests, but also derive the emotional and psychological benefits we as humans get from being able to see outward (and here digital) signs of the spiritual support others give.
You can use this CPR in one (or both) of two ways:

1) By hitting the “Submit Prayer” button in the upper right hand corner of this screen and submitting any prayer(s) you want the world’s help praying for, and/or

2) By praying for the prayers others have already submitted via hitting the “Pray For This” button on any of the prayers you see below.
To learn more, feel free to check out our Help & FAQ page.

For healing and strength

After losing my Nephew in 2022, My mother has been dealing with liver disease - PBC. They accidently found this condition when she went in for some blood work. The... Read More

0 02/27/24

Heart conviction not equally yoke partner

Strength to love jahova more than a woman to finish battling just in the flesh brought on by long yrs of unhappy marriage.
0 02/27/24

Dad's Recovery

My dad had surgery on Tuesday and has had some major complications and they’re trying to figure out when they would do a second surgery to remove the blockage. Just... Read More

0 02/26/24

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Pray for friend

Hello. Please pray for my friend. He's living on the street. He has a Section 8 voucher but needs to find a place. Please pray for Ukraine, Russia, Israel, and... Read More

0 02/26/24

For my leaders

Pray for God to work on the hearts of my leadership.

0 02/26/24

In Emotional Pain

Please keep praying for the severe emotional pain and uncontrollable memories, I'm really praying and asking Jesus and the Holy spirit to help me, the nights are getting bad, vary... Read More

0 02/26/24

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Anxiety Issues

Please pray that I can take more deep breaths and for anxiety issues, also that I am healed of any prostate issues and possible bladder infection.

0 02/26/24


Please be praying for miraculously have healing for my grandson G.who is doing cocaine and drinking. He's 25 yrs.

0 02/26/24

Relationship Sign

please pray for me that the girl i like would give me a major sign so that i would know if i’m wasting my time or if she’s the one... Read More

0 02/26/24

Pray for my pregnancy

Please pray that I don't miscarry the little baby inside me. I'm very anxious after having multiple miscarriages in the past.

0 02/26/24

"Many who are weak, when united become strong; and it is impossible that the prayers of many should not be heard." — St. Ambrose